Little-Known tricks and secrets of marketing rental property
to attract top tenants in good times and bad.


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Get It Rented CoverGet It Rented

Little-known tricks and secrets of marketing rental property to attract good tenants in good times and bad. 

You invested all that money in rental property with the idea of turning a profit. If you are, great, and congratulations. This book shows you effective and usually free or inexpensive rental marketing techniques that make the most qualified applicants eager to respond to that marketing and the best tenants only want to continue renting from you.

You will get better renters, more profit, and more retirement savings.

If you manage rental properties for real estate investors, your clients expect a good return on their investment. What you will find in this book are numerous tricks and techniques that will earn your clients even more money

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 Evictions: How to Win (or Lose) Them

Never Lose an Eviction!Evictions: How to Win (or Lose) Them

Landlords commonly do one or more of 16 things to lose an eviction. That means a bad tenant--one who doesn't pay the rent,
who trashes the place, and who is a bad neighbor--get to stay, often rent free!

In this manual, you will learn what those 16 mistakes are and how to turn them around so you can WIN the eviction, so you get rid of the bad tenant.

Additional chapters deal with what to do when a tenant files bankruptcy and how to collect back rent owed you after the tenant moves out.

This is an indispensable manual for every landlord.

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