Little-Known tricks and secrets of marketing rental property
to attract top tenants in good times and bad.

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Get It Rented Cover

You invested all that money in rental property with the idea of turning a profit. If you are, great, and congratulations.  This book shows you effective and usually free or inexpensive rental marketing techniques that make the most qualified applicants eager to respond to that marketing and the best tenants only want to continue renting from you.

You will get better renters, more profit, and more retirement savings.

If you manage rental properties for real estate investors, your clients expect a good return on their investment.  What you will find in this book are numerous tricks and techniques that will earn your clients even more money.

You will find templates of marketing forms and examples you can use immediately, and easy systems for keeping track of how your marketing is performing.

The author, Robert Cain, has more than 30 years’ experience investing in real estate and writing articles and books about how to do it better.  He was the publisher of the Rental Property Reporter and The Northwest Landlord and is the author of seven books on profitable property management.

Complete details and the opportunity to purchase both the e-book and hardcopy on Amazon.


 About the Author

In 1983 Bob Cain went to a no-money-down seminar and got the notion that owning rental property would be a great idea. He bought some. Trouble was, what he learned at the seminar  Robert L. Cain, author of Get It Renteddidn’t tell him how to make money on his rental property. He went looking for help in the form of a magazine or newsletter about the business. He couldn’t find any. Always ready to jump at a great idea, he decided he could put his speaking and writing skills to work and perform a valuable service for other investors who needed more information about property management. So Bob dug out the secrets, tricks and techniques of property management wherever he found them; then he passed them along to other landlords. So for over 30 years now, Bob has been publishing information, giving speeches and conducting seminars and workshops for landlords on how to buy, rent and manage property more effectively.

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